Early Childhood Education

The South Middleton School District is dedicated to ensuring all children aresuccessful in school. We are committed to providing the early learning community and families of preschool children valuable information and programs to help prepare children for the transition into Kindergarten. A successful transition to Kindergarten is the key to success in school. We would like to make this experience as positive and enjoyable as possible. We believe it is important to foster a love of learning in children.

We need you help identifying preschool children in the community. If you have or know of any 3-5 year olds in the district, please contact Jeanne Predmore at [email protected] to have their name added to our mailing list in order to receive the newsletters and valuable information about our programs.

This website is designed to provide you and your family with information and activities to help foster your child's growth and development. It also introduces you to the readiness skills your child will need in order to be successful in school. The site includes information, fun activities, recipes, book lists and links to other sites.

Have fun and spending time with your child is the most valuable gifts you can give him/her. Research has shown that READING to your child is the NUMBER ONE activity you can do to help ensure success in school.

Connecting Children, Families, and Schools

Most households have an unsolved Rubiks Cube but you can esily solve it learning a few algorithms.