What does an elementary school counselor do?

Why have a school counselor at an elementary school?

Childhood/adolescence is a time of accelerated change and development for students. They are in a constant process of assessing their concept of self and competence as learners in relation to their peers.

School counselors need to have the skills and education to be able to observe and recognize the needs of students coming from all types of diverse backgrounds. Difficulties can arise from a long list of issues ranging from home life, lack of basic necessities (both emotional and physical), learning difficulties and much more.

It is the job of the school counselor to provide the knowledge and support that helps students who are dealing with diverse issues to develop positive decision-making skills, communication skills and to develop positive attitudes toward school, their peers and, most importantly, themselves.

Services Provided to the Students:

The goals of counselors are to help students develop healthy perceptions of themselves and to believe in their competence and abilities to learn.

Therefore, the services of school counselors will lean toward such things as helping parents understand what kind of home environment will best help their child(children) succeed, using intervention strategies, individual and small-group counseling, collaboration with teachers and other various educators, and creation of individual plans for students needing more assistance with their overall development.

If you would like me to touch base with your child please feel free to contact me by phone or email. I will be in contact with you within one school day.

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