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Dear Rice family,
    These past few weeks have been a roller coaster in many ways. Especially emotionally when there are days that I am positive, getting outside more, planning activities for students, checking-in with families...and other days where it feels like a lot, heavy energy and feeling tired. Can you relate?
During these emotional times I make sure to connect even more so with my own family, friends and school family (you). I focus more on things that are in my control, when I feel powerless over the overarching situation. Remember we are all in this together so please reach out to your support system (include me in that system) and stay connected. I check my email daily and will connect with you as soon as I am able. 

‘eat well, move more, stress less, love more’.
Mrs. Erin Rech
K-2 School Counselor
W.G. Rice Elementary School

                     Students say hello to our Rice community! 
Connect with Scruffball, Ms. Erin, students and teachers at W.G. Rice Elementary school. Let everyone know what new things you have been learning or an activity you are doing while you are at home through Flipgrid. You can comment on a video or post your own video response with a google or Microsoft email account. You can use your school email address if you know it or ask a family member to help. You can also watch daily video posts from Scruffball to see what learning he is doing at Ms. Erin's house. Check back daily to stay connected with our Rice bubblersTo maintain our school community's confidentiality email your child's classroom teacher or Ms. Erin at for the flipcode password.

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